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The portal enables a new kind of collaboration with clients and candidates, coupled with complete GDPR compliant transparency regarding the recruiting process and relevant market data.

From the very beginning, parallel to the development of the HR consultancy, we pushed forward on creating the portal based on the software solution EmmySoft. The specialized solution combines different market channels and allows a detailed overview and communication on individual projects as well as the project control.

Why dfind portal?

The portal makes the work of our personnel consultancy more transparent and much easier for our customers to understand.


Thanks to the open communication, both connected market knowledge and key project data are available within just a few clicks.


With the portal, we want to expand and revolutionize transparency in the collaboration of all stakeholders in recruiting projects.

Your advantages with the portal
How can we design recruiting processes more transparently so that everyone benefits? The portal is the answer to that question. The most important features are listed below:
The work of recruitment consultancies such as often remains a black box service, with little insight for stakeholders during the search process. With the portal, we change that and focus on the greatest possible transparency. Which candidates are currently in what stage of the application process? The portal tells you.
The portal gives you direct insight into the status of your recruiting project. See the latest status in the project overview at a glance – always up-to-date, naturally. This gives you the opportunity to accompany the entire application process, give feedback, and actively communicate with our consultants.
Talk about your projects in real time! With the chat feature in the portal this is easier than ever. No more information gets lost in confusing mail histories or phone calls – if you have a thought, an opinion or an idea, you can share it directly in the chat. This leads to better communication and, ultimately, better results.
With the convenient portal app, you always have all important information available on your phone or tablet. This app is just as easy to use as your computer at work or in the home office, with all features being available.

Transparency & real time status

The easiest way to collaborate with clients and candidates, coupled with transparency in all processes – that is the portal. You also receive push notifications about your projects, so you are always up to date.
The starting place for all recruiting projects
The portal provides an overview of all ongoing recruiting projects – complete with comprehensive statistics and reports. This results in a transparency that is unique in the market and leads to measurable advantages in cooperation.
Safe and useful
Currently, no software solution has the possibility to combine the information gained from research and candidate interviews in a useful way and make it available for us. The portal offers a comfortable end-2-end solution here.
Comfortable and secure SaaS solution
The portal is an interface between all stakeholders involved in a project. With the SaaS solution, the interaction between, companies, candidates, and cooperation partners is optimized and made transparent.
Test the interactive demo
You would like to test the portal? With the interactive demo version you will get all information about the different functions of the software solution.
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Download the app now
With us you can recruit on the road, both online and offline. The portal app displays all important functions for coordination and team communication and is constantly being further developed. Stay informed at all times, even on the move, thanks to mobile notifications.

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